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US: NPD – Nintendo Switch was best-selling system in July 2020

As people are still being urged to stay at home, video games and consoles are being snapped up with the news of stock being sold out completely becoming the norm. System shortages isn’t stopping Nintendo from performing strongly though as NPD Group, an industry-tracking firm, has announced that the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling system in the US in the month of July this year. Nintendo’s hybrid console is still enjoying continued success as it was the best-selling console in the month of June, too. NPD analyst, Mat Piscatella, has the following to say about Nintendo’s performance:

“Nintendo Switch was once again the best-selling hardware platform of both July and 2020 year-to-date in unit and dollar sales,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said. “Hardware spending declined 2% in July 2020 when compared to a year ago, to $166 million. Year-to-date spending has increased 22% compared to a year ago, to $1.8 billion.”


5 thoughts on “US: NPD – Nintendo Switch was best-selling system in July 2020”

      1. How many in number estimate, did the Switch sell in July? Number of consoles that is. My appreciation forthwith.


        For a dude yesterday F=ma. Lol

    1. With new consoles likely having very high prices and very few games, it’s not unlikely N will win out this holiday season.

  1. Lower prices doesnt guarentee a success, PS4 cost more than Wii U and we know Sony won that process.

    So you really think PS5 is no threat to the Hybrid console, that’s what the action figures from Toy Story 3 thought of bad guy that harmless bear Lot-so.

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