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New leak shows old plans for a portable Gamecube with dock


There has been some leaks floating around online recently but the latest one is particularly interesting and it’s all to do with the loveable Gamecube. Originally releasing back in 2001, the system didn’t perform too well with regards to sales – even though it’s still very much highly regarded as a fantastic little console with Nintendo fans.

Well, it would seem that Nintendo’s idea of having a system that can be used on the TV and played portably – like the Switch, of course – has been thought about long before Nintendo’s latest hybrid console. The recent leaks that were posted on 4Chan suggest that Nintendo was at least thinking about employing a similar dock/screen combo for the Gamecube and you can see for yourself below in the technical plans.

The Gamecube having a handle and being cutely compact may act as a small but notable reminder that Nintendo thought about having it portable, but it’s still interesting to see what might have been. Still, we have the Nintendo Switch now and we can still look back fondly at the greatness that was the little purple (or black/silver) cube.

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8 thoughts on “New leak shows old plans for a portable Gamecube with dock”

  1. Its not a surprise that some of the unuse beta design and parts of nintendo older system always find another way to be implemented into nintendo’s future systems, I love stuff like this.

  2. They also had the Game Boy Player which played Game Boy games and the Game Boy pack for N64 which played Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow or Gold/Silver/Crystal through Stadium.

    Chances are Wii U was supposed to be Switch at the time but the technology simply was not ready.

    1. It is difficult to say what would have happened in that instance. Contrary to popular belief power is not what every developer is looking for in a system. It is what the AAA developers want. Gamecube is the point where Nintendo saw following power as your selling point will only get you so far before development costs just make it unsuatainable.

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