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US: GameStop is closing hundreds more stores

GameStop has announced that it plans to close hundreds of additional stores as the North American gaming retailer struggles against online retailers. GameStop initially said it was closing 320 stores but they have now admitted that it is likely to be between 400 – 450 stores across the United States. The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t helped with shoppers increasingly moving to shopping online.

The closures “will allow us to more efficiently and profitably service our customers.” He added “there are more to do”, meaning closures, in 2021 “as well.”

GameStop Chief Financial Officer, Jim Bell


13 thoughts on “US: GameStop is closing hundreds more stores”

  1. People going to buy that Series S for $299 too. Digital only i hear. I wonder if the few Gamestops left going to be selling that console that in the long run increasing them losing business? Just saying.

  2. I haven’t been to my local Gamestop since March, when this whole pandemic first started. I attempted going twice, but both times they had their gates closed in mid-day, and they were just walking around sanitizing shelves both times. I gave up and never went back. Especially after reading the sign “5 customers at a time”. I’d be lucky to ever get the chance to go inside with only 5 customers allowed.

  3. …Or you guys could just shop on Amazon like everyone else does; or better yet get with the times, go all digital, and buy at a few convenient clicks right from your own console.

    1. I’m all digital but, buying physical should always be an option, people like to have it physical, and some like to collect them, buying video games physical isn’t out of the times, not everyone has internet, or even good internet to download a game especially games with bigger gbs, thats why physical copies, of games, music, and movies still exist.

  4. I just ordered Okami HD from EB Games for $5, actually cost more for the shipping. I would’ve gone in person and avoided wasting money but all my local stores were out of stock (probably why it was so cheap, to clear remaining stock). Doubt I would ever see it at that price on digital distribution stores.

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