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Japan: New Sirfetch’d merchandise is coming to The Pokemon Center

To celebrate a new line of Sirfetch’d merchandise that’s going on sale in Japan at The Pokemon Center later this month, The Pokemon Company has uploaded a short animated film to celebrate. You can check out some of the goods below in the gallery and we’ve included the video too. There’s no word on if the items will be available outside of Japan, but we will keep a look out. There are art books, socks, plushies and more going on sale from the 24th October. No doubt some of the merchandise will pop up on eBay and the like rather quickly, so if you’re a fan of Sirfetch’d, keep your eyes peeled but be prepared to pay some high prices.

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2 thoughts on “Japan: New Sirfetch’d merchandise is coming to The Pokemon Center”

  1. I’m surprised to say this, but this merch is absolutely adorable and I love the new representation for my boy Farfetch’d. I doubt I’ll be able to snag any of these, but I definitely would if I could. Keep em coming, lmao.

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