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Europe: Nintendo delays Smash Bros Ultimate tournament due to technical issues caused by update

Nintendo of Europe has taken the unusual step to delay the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate European Online Challenge – Throwback Throwdown today. The event was due to take place this Friday. The company says that the reason for the cancelation and rescheduling of the tournament is due to some technical issues with the recent update for Super Smash Bros Ultimate which is Version 9.0.0. The company has apologised to those who were looking forward to the event and has stated that they plan to announce a new date for the tournament soon.

5 thoughts on “Europe: Nintendo delays Smash Bros Ultimate tournament due to technical issues caused by update”

  1. Lol. I’ll never understand how this messy, unpolished game that has atrocious online continues to be so popular (but of course, everyone will abandon it when the new game comes out). SmUsh is such a joke. And i’s especially funny because Melee is thriving online thanks to Slippi and rollback netcode. It’s not even close how much better Melee’s online is – it’s basically the same as playing in person on a CRT.

    1. Bro just say u don’t like ultimate, like let people like a game even if it isn’t your taste, also you have the nerve to say ultimate is unpolish, when melee is even more broken than ultimate kinda hypocritical if you ask me

      1. Okay. I don’t like ultimate. Happy? Melee definitely isn’t more broken than ultimate though, it just has more movement options (which were 100% intended, btw). Nintendo can’t patch Melee to fix the handful of actual glitches the game has. I won’t my complaints with the gameplay, since that is more subjective, but why does Ultimate have such a hard time remembering controller ports? And why can’t I just keep my same character between games? That’s mostly what I’m referring to when I say “messy and unpolished”. I didn’t mean to come off so rude, my b. I didn’t mean to imply that I think other people shouldn’t enjoy the game – they can if they want, I just don’t see the appeal. I gave the game a very fair chance when it came out but now I’m just over it.

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