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Yoshi’s Crafted World studio Good-Feel is releasing an action game on the Switch in 2021

The latest issue of Famitsu contains an interview with Good-Feel president Etsunobu Ebisu, which has been translated by Nintendo Life. Good-Feel is the studio behind Yoshi’s Crafted World. According to Ebisu, the studio is expanding by creating an office in Osaka. This office will be where they will be developing an “action” game that will release on the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

The game doesn’t have a name yet, and all that’s available is a picture of storyboards and concept art you can see down below. Ebisu feels that, despite the game’s Japanese setting, “gamers outside of Japan will like it too”. Not much more information about the game was shared for the time being.


10 thoughts on “Yoshi’s Crafted World studio Good-Feel is releasing an action game on the Switch in 2021”

  1. I’m digging what i see so far. And if they can make that a reality from whats there should be good. But what other games have they done?

  2. This sounds kinda weird. They plan development of this title only AFTER moving to the new studio? If so, I don’t really see a chance of it releasing in 2021. I’m guessing it’s probably an error in translation and that they only plan to finish the game in the new office.

    Nevertheless, curious to see what it will be. The concept art kinda reminds me of Sushi Striker, a game I wasn’t terribly interested in. Hoping this won’t be a puzzle game.

  3. Let me guess: It’s called YARN, a game where you have several characters to choose from, who have yarn-like limbs they can craft into anything and use against other opponents in a fighting tournament.

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