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Kingdom Hearts director teases another Nintendo Switch game after Melody of Memory

Tetsuya Nomura, the director behind the Kingdom Hearts franchise, has recently chatted with Japanese Nintendo magazine, Nintendo Dream. The publication said in the November edition that it is rare for one of Mr. Nomura’s Kingdom Hearts games to make its debut in Nintendo Dream magazine. Mr. Nomura replied by saying that he will be back soon with more news. It’s not clear what Tetsuya Nomura has planned next for the Nintendo Switch after Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

Question: It’s rare that Nomura’s KH titles has debuted in Nintendo Dream magazine!

Nomura: I think we can meet again here sometime soon too.

Nintendo Dream Magazine


12 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts director teases another Nintendo Switch game after Melody of Memory”

  1. AverySucksOnPokemonShield22

    It has the same problem as Splinter cell and sonic adventure. I can’t play kingdom hearts 2, re coded or dream drop distance on Nintendo switch. These companies need to port more games.

  2. I played the Melody of Memories Demo on Switch and…. IT SUCKS!!!
    It doesn’t even work right because the Switch can’t handle imputing 3 3+ buttons at the same time very well, plus… the game is pretty garbage to be honest, is not worth the money in my opinion.

    1. I have to agree with you. It’s a very average rhythm game that definitely isn’t worth $60. Even if you’re the most die hard Kingdom Hearts fan, it would be best to wait for this game to go on sale if you want to purchase it.

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  5. What’s the point? The Xehanort saga is over and drive forms are gone. Why should I buy a new Kingdom hearts game on switch or otherwise?

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