Netflix shares images of Leon and Claire from the upcoming Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness series

One of the official Netflix Twitter accounts has recently shared a couple of images of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield from the popular, zombie-infested Resident Evil franchise. The stills are from the upcoming Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness series that is coming to the streaming service next year that’s pretty much available on nearly every platform and, as the tweet below explains, fans will be happy to know that it’ll be set ‘in the cannon of Capcom’s classic survival horror franchise’.


  1. Something looks off with Claire. As for Leon.. eh, he looks fine. Honestly, I think live action would suit RE better. You know… if it was actually done right lol. But as a big RE fan, I’ll end up watching this anyway. Hope it’s good.

    1. I think you might point especially at their bigger noses.The thing is that the series takes place after the Raccoon City incident, maybe a couple of years after that event. It is quite normal for humans to get bigger noses as they are aging :D

    1. I could understand this anti-consumption stance towards something like Amazon (I refuse to use Amazon because Bezos is a POS and does not need all that money he hoards), but I fail to see what’s wrong with Netflix here.

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