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Retro Studios recruiting a Boss / AI Designer for Metroid Prime 4

Beloved developer Retro Studios is hard at work creating the next big game in the Metroid Prime series. It seems unlikely that we will be seeing it anytime soon though. The Austin-based company is looking to recruit a Boss / AI Designer at present. They have some stellar developers on the team, so it is going to be exciting to see how the game turns out once development wraps up.

14 thoughts on “Retro Studios recruiting a Boss / AI Designer for Metroid Prime 4”

  1. GRRM: Oh they’re coming. The dragons are on their way.

    GRRM: Don’t worry. They’re coming. Pizzas are on their way. They’re gonna be amazing.

    GRRM: Don’t worry! They’re coming! Not just two pizzas, there’s, there’s gonna be five! And they’re gonna be huge! You won’t believe it!

  2. I prefer to get the new prime on the new hardware coming up. We’ve waited this long already and haven’t even seen any gameplay. It would be a better game imo.

    Hopefully, the new console is backwards compatible like the 3ds and ds were but it would be better if it was built for the new console like prime one was for gamecube.

  3. Oooh! interesting!

    p.s. Hi, Sickr, I’m new here joining the My Nintendo New Community, this is my very first post, even though I created this account 2 days ago… but then this article is on that day, sorry that I’m late… but oh well, I wanted to wait and post on something I find interested with. So, keep up the good work and go easy with me, remember I’m new here. lol

  4. i dont see nintendo risking install base for this game, it might be on the next switch, but its definitely coming to this switch.
    that said this is probably a sign the game is making good progress if they are working on bosses.

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