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Kanye West approached Nintendo wanting to make a video game

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that musician Kanye West approached Nintendo regarding creating a video game. Speaking on podcast Talking Games With Reggie & Harold, Mr. Fils-Aime said that Kanye spent a lot of time at the Nintendo E3 booth many years ago, even managing to chat at length with legendary Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto. He managed to get an interview with both Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie at Kanye’s business office for his fashion business in Calibasas to discuss his idea.

“Part of it was talking about what he was up to. He was experimenting with a piece of video game content; he wanted reactions to it. He comes out and says, ‘I want to work with Nintendo.’

We had so many different projects at Nintendo going on, the possibility of doing something with Kanye just wasn’t there, and so I had to find a way to politely decline this opportunity to work with him. I told him, ‘Kanye, you don’t want to work with us because we’re tough, we’re hard. All we do is push for the very best content. We would not be the type of partner you would want to work with.’ And he looks at me and says, ‘Reggie, you’re exactly the type of partner I want because of that reason!’ It’s like, ‘Oh my gosh.’”

Kanye attended the interview with his wife Kim Kardashian and Reggie recited that the meeting was “interesting.”  Reggie said that “Kanye has such a passion for the video game space, and he’s a creator.”

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23 thoughts on “Kanye West approached Nintendo wanting to make a video game”

  1. Honestly? Say what you will about Kanye but before he got implausibly big a famous hes had a really good eye for art. I would have actually liked to see a videos game from the mind of THAT Kanye( not necessarily a Nintendo game)

  2. I love how Kanye is in love with Japanese pop culture. He’s a frequent collaborator of Takashi Murakami. Kanye a bit strange but I respect his artistry.

  3. First, he wants to run a 2020 election and now he wants to work with Nintendo to create games for them? does this guy even know what the concept of gaming is even so gaming companies have put there hearts and souls in to on making games. Does this guy even know anything about gaming?

    1. Manic bipolar disorder causes people to pursue grandiose ideas like this without actually considering the feasibility of them

      1. Ah, this explains why he was doing this. Its just like Soulja boy made his clone consoles similar to Nintendo and PlayStations witch he pull his clone consoles from his store after getting threats from Nintendo.

  4. I’m GLADNintendo decided not to work with Kanye! He IS a gay fish, after all!
    What? SOMEONE had to make that joke!
    LOL I typed in too many words in all capitals!

  5. i would have rather have Corey Taylor or Slipknot collabed with Nintendo than Kanye. also Corey would mop the floor with Kanye if he were to get into a rap battle. also, thank Arceus and Beerus that this never went through.

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