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Famitsu: Square Enix developers have teased their plans for 2021

A number of Square Enix employees have chatted to Famitsu about their plans for 2021. Tomoya Asano and Masashi Takahash, who are the producers behind February’s Bravely Default II for the Nintendo Switch, hope that the game will achieve its sales targets and they can make a third. Noriyoshi Fujimoto series producer for the Dragon Quest franchise plans to announce something for the long-running series 35th anniversary.

  • Bravely Default II producer Tomoya Asano mentioned that he hopes the game will be successful and to move on to the next game afterward.
  • Producer Masashi Takahashi (who also worked on Octopath Traveler) also added that there has been progress made in parallel on other games.
  • Dragon Quest series producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto said that he’d like to announce something for the 35th anniversary of the franchise in 2021.

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7 thoughts on “Famitsu: Square Enix developers have teased their plans for 2021”

  1. Following the massive success of DQXI, I am sure they have been working on the next entry since 2017, ready for a 2021 release.

    1. Well, in Japan, Dragon Quest was always Square Enix’ biggest IP, so I’m pretty sure they’re always working on a new entry, regardless of any international success.
      Anyways, I’m not sure if four years will be enough for a new main line entry. Square Enix are notorious for having really long development cycles on their big IPs. According to Wikipedia, it took five years between DQX and DQXI. And I’m not sure if we can even count DQX, since it was an MMO (not sure if it was developed by the same team).
      So basically, at most, I’d expect a first teaser for a new main line Dragon Quest in 2021, with a release a few years down the line.

      1. My point was the huge global success (outside japan) of XI May result in an accelerated development cycle for the next entry. 2021 release date isn’t too Farfetched imo.

      2. Personally, I think that’s rather unlikely. While I agree that the success of the last game might lead to a larger scope for the next one, if anything, that would only make it take even longer to develop. The unfortunate thing about the scope of games is that there’s a point where involving additional people into development will not actually accelerate it any further, so the only actual way to to increase development speed is to reduce scope at that point. Since I doubt Square Enix is willing to reduce the scope of DQXII, I’m expecting it to take at least as long in development as the last one.

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