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Konami planning a new Bomberman announcement soon

Konami video game designer Noriaki Okamura has announced in Famitsu that the company has plans to reveal a new Bomberman game soon. The tease was part of a annual feature regarding Japanese developersΒ new year ambitions, which was published on the company’s website. It could be Super Bomberman R Online, a brand new Bomberman core game, or alternatively a mobile game. We shall have to wait and see.

There are also plans for a new announcement concerningΒ BombermanΒ soon! Please look forward to it!”

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14 thoughts on “Konami planning a new Bomberman announcement soon”

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  2. The two above me said it already. But I’m hoping for a Bomberman 64 style full on adventure game (with the costume bits).

    And if it comes out on the Switch, I want a Bomberman Amiibo.

  3. Finally bought R and am enjoying the campaign. Though the unlimited continues kind of make it less tense at times. When I get a bad start I want to restart the world, but can’t, have to bomb myself 6 times in order to start fresh. Other than that though pretty good bomberman action.

  4. If this potential new Bomberman is anything like the N64 games, then I’m on board. I have some serious nostalgia for those, especially The Second Attack! Even if that game actually wasn’t that good (classic cross-shaped explosions in a wide open space? Good luck hitting stuff that move quickly in unpredictable patterns), I still really liked it.

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