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Super Nintendo World interactive website now live

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is opening in just a weeks’ time for the general public and although many of us won’t have the option to travel there to witness its beauty in real life just yet, the interactive website that’s recently gone live will have to do for now. The fancy website doesn’t reveal any details that we haven’t known before, but it does however offer a fun way to view the park, its attractions and it gives you a taste of what’s in store for when it’s safe to visit. There’s also a ton of high-res promo images to gawk over, too. If you’re wanting to go to the theme park yourself, you may have to wait for some time as Japan’s borders are currently closed due to the Pandemic.

Super Nintendo World is offering a ticket service at the moment to monitor customer footfall and ensure the safest experience is had by everyone, so if you’re in Japan already, then head over to the official website to secure your place here.

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