Japan: check out the bizarre but brilliant Gengar cushion/sleeping mat

Pokémon in Japan is a big deal and one of the latest pieces of merchandise from the popular franchise doubles up not just as an adorable squishy toy, it also acts as a sleeping mat. Yes, this Gengar sleeping companion/cushion/mat is a real thing and pre-orders have gone live in Japan. It’s understandably already sold out but we’d bet any amount of Yen that more will become available given the success of the first round of pre-orders. I think it goes without saying that no such product is available in NA or the EU/UK at the time of writing, but if it crops up overseas then we’ll let you know.

The price for the Gengar cushion translates to roughly $250, that’s 25,950 Yen.

Check out some of the product images below which shows how the cushion could be used…

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