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Japan: Pokemon Wonder and Fusion Arts have been trademarked

the official pokemon logo

Nintendo, Creatures Inc, and Game Freak, have registered brand new trademarks for Pokemon Wonder and Fusion Arts in Japan. However, Nintendo Soup notes that Pokemon Wonder could apply to “Food, Beverage, Education, Food/Accommodation” and the Fusion Arts trademark is related to “Games, toys and playthings” meaning that it could have something to do with the long-running Pokemon Trading Card Game. I’m sure all will be revealed by The Pokemon Company soon.


9 thoughts on “Japan: Pokemon Wonder and Fusion Arts have been trademarked”

  1. A game with lots of pokemon fusions sounds too good to be true. If it is true, they’ll probably screw it up by making Venustoise canon but not letting us fuse Blastoise with Charizard. Because as we all know, Blastoise and Venusaur are the same pokemon because nobody cares and it’s all about Charizard. And even if we can fuse Blastoise with Charizard, it will probably be a gimmick that will be replaced in a future generation. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  2. I am disappointed to see the latest Nintendo dream pokemon character poll. Avery, Hop and Allister made the top 15 characters list. Those are my least favorite characters in gen 8. That means annoying characters like them are gonna get shoved down our throats and we won’t get enough waifus. Bea and Melony (2 of my favorites) were nowhere to be found. Milo, Rose, Opal, Honey, Mustard, Peonia, Cara Liss and the player’s mom are better than Avery, Allister and Hop.

    1. @AverySucks41 I hate Avery because he replaced the cute girl Klara and I was told too late about isle of armor. (I brought shield before isle or armor was announced). Avery has ruined the waifu balance between sword/shield. Sword gets 2 exclusive waifus while shield only gets one. I hate Hop for his design and personality. Hop also stole screen time from Bede and Marnie. Wyndon needed a block feature so I could prevent my least favorite characters from showing up in post game rematches.

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