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Pokemon Company banning Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon HOME users if modifying save data

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The Pokemon Company has issued a warning to Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon HOME users who have been altering save data and impairing the function of games or apps for others. These users will be banned from using the services for modifying their Pokemon save data. If caught you will be restricted from using the games online play and you will no longer be able to use trading features and use Pokemon HOME. The Pokemon Company says that the bans issued can be either temporary or permanent and no refunds will be issued.


12 thoughts on “Pokemon Company banning Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon HOME users if modifying save data”

      1. It’s only as good as the mod security of people’s individual Switches.

        When you piss of enough people, they’ll a way around it.

        I just want GameFreak to complete this game, and stop with all this other uncalled-for bullshit.

        I am not laughing here.

    1. What does that have to do with people cheating? People would be doing this regardless of the amount of pokemon in the game.

    2. People are gonna modify their save data regardless of Pokemon being cut or all are included. people did that since the DS era and that had almost every Pokemon.

      1. Except MORE people will be prone to do it now. There’s niche curiosity, and then there’s the rest of the brand.

      2. Oh please. There ZERO correlation between people cheating in pokemon( more people did it during the ds era because its was WAY easier) and dexit. I get that you want a better game but this is a bullshit false equivalency.

  1. I wish I had the option to remove Avery from pokemon shield. I want cute girls like Klara not pencil necked a holes like Avery. #BurnInHellAvery

  2. BeaIsBetterThanAllister10

    I’m sure the wonder traded pokemon I have are legit. I always release those with nicknames like ””.

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