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Nintendo Direct 17th February 2021

Tune in on 17th February at 11pm CET/ 10pm UK time/2pm PT for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 50 minutes of information focused on available games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and games coming to Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.

To tune in, check out the Nintendo Direct website or the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, where the broadcast will be streamed.

Source: Nintendo UK

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65 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct 17th February 2021”

    1. Do you know what Nintendo has in store for the direct? The wording is perfect, we are still in the Mario brothers 35th anniversary year. The are going to lay the groundwork for Zelda’s 35th anniversary. Tomorrow shall be amazing, we already have MHRise upon us. The Nintendo switch and Nintendo switch lite ( handheld ) division are in overdrive. Square Enix and even Sega shall be saved by Nintendo. Capcom is practically Nintendo second party as we type.


  1. A most welcome surprise since I expected nothing at all. I’m sure I’ll be happy with any new stuff since again expecting nothing at all lol

    Too much stuff to play currently

    1. Even that’s not always a guarantee, though. They could announce Federation Force is getting an HD Switch remake, for instance, with a sequel on the way that makes Samus even more of a joke as she gets captured & brainwashed again but ends up being the antagonist for most of the game this time instead of for one lousy boss battle. Now I feel sad because I can totally see that happening. Oh god! The horror!

  2. Sounds good.
    Hopefully they’ll be the usual new reveal at the end.
    Hoping theres some botw2 info, after all Nintendo does have a tendency of releasing Zelda games every 2 years.
    Not expecting any prime 4 or bayonetta news, but 50mins is quite a lengthy direct.

  3. Let’s go!!!

    Keeping my expectations to the minimum regarding Smash as it can be a massive disappointment as that pixel thing was — super hyped for everything else!

  4. Hey we’re getting a heads up this time, that’s a good sign. Instead of “Wake up everyone, we’re doing a presentation in 10 minutes!”

    I would bet a pint that a Zelda collection of some sorts is announced tomorrow.

  5. It would be nice to see Breath of the Wild 2… it should be well advanced by now… but if they focus on games coming out by June, then I guess not… as for Prime 4, let’s not even go there.

  6. please dont be a 30min smash direct with a mini direct 20 of minor announcements.. if its gonna be smash then just let it be a character reveal trailer and thats it I’m done with smash taking the majority of their directs let it be a true 50mins of new minor+big announcements like before we deserve it

    1. I agree with fervent applause 👏. In fact let them not even add any smash stuff period. Smash can like always have its own direct. Sakurai is an amazing creator.


    2. What are you on, Smash literally only took up the one E3 direct. Every other direct has only been a character reveal with the full showcase being a separate video.

      1. I kno, but the “focused on current games like Smash” gives me flashback of that E3 what I meant that I hope its not a new mode or something with smash that will take up the majority of the direct again I am still butt hurt about that E3 cuz I was expecting new games rather than one game being focused on

  7. This is the best way to have a direct. None of the “Nintendo” insiders on YouTubers hyping souls with no provocation. Just a direct we can all enjoy as we sip on a healthy beverage of choice. With local watering holes on closedown, the living room space shall suffice.

    # Nintendo direct


  8. IjirareFukushuuSaimin50

    Deathstroke is too hard on bat man Arkham origins. Avery and Hop are the worst characters on pokemon shield because they are not waifus like Shauna and Klara. Tokyo mirage sessions should not have been censored. I dislike big the cat because I think he replaced storm the albatross on team sonic racing. Arvo must pay for what he did to Clementine on the walking dead.

    1. I really like Wandavision since the MCU had very small expsoure to it. Even if the conclusion “might” be disappointing, I’ll still like it overall since I got to see her personality and quirks. Looking forward to Hawkeye and The Falcon for the same reason.

  9. A pleasant surprise! I was convinced we’d never see a full direct again. I’m still not getting my hopes up about this though, just in case. Better safe than sorry, right?

    Here’s my safe/pessimistic prediction:

    They’ll talk about smash for way too long (I hate that game. sorry, not sorry). ~10 minutes
    They’ll spend way too long going over games we already knew were coming (BD II, Pokemon Snap, etc). ~30 minutes.
    Maybe a few new announcements for smaller games I won’t be interested in. ~9 minutes.
    A “one more thing” moment that will be cool for half the people watching. ~1 minute.

  10. I hope they just rip the bandaid off and show off the final DLC characters for Smash. I’m kinda tired of this one-at-a-time stuff. They can still do the Mr. Sakurai Presents videos for each character near their release… but just go ahead and announce who they are.

  11. Things we definitely see tomorrow are:

    Zelda (BOTW2 or a Remaster)
    Smash (New fighter)
    Animal Crossing (March Update with Mario content and something else to celebrate its year anniversary)
    Bravely Default 2 trailer
    Monster Hunter Rise trailer
    DLC for one other game already out, my bet is Age of Calamity

  12. Will they finally add more DLC to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?
    At nearly 30 millions sales you would think that they would try to keep that going with the content from Tour ported over to the console market.

    Another game that needs DLC is Super Mario Party, its game boards are pathetic and I find it shocking how well it is selling despite the anemic offerings on the game.

    1. More likely to announce Mario Kart 9 or whatever they’re gonna call it. The team that works on Mario Kart has not done anything of note since Arms nearly 4 years ago so I’d expect them to have been working on a new game in that time.

  13. Nice to see the return of a big Nintendo Direct. Now let’s hope the direct is awesome to make up for the lack of these big ones over the last year & a half. Not too hopeful, though. Don’t want to raise your expectations too high. Don’t want them too low, either, that you’ll accept the bare minimum because it’s “better than nothing.”

  14. Key phrase “first half”. Here are my predictions:

    – welcoming and commentary between segments. 3 min
    – Bravely Default II. 2 min
    – MH Rise. 2 min
    – Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon. 3 min
    – AC New Horizons Anniversary Update. 6 min.
    – Pokemon Snap. 3 min.
    – NMH3. 4 min.
    – Bayonetta 3. 2 min.
    – NEO The World Ends With You. 3 min
    – Indies Update: Baldo and Hoa among others. 10 min.
    – Third Party segment. 6 min.
    – Hyrule Warriors Pass. 2 min
    – Smash New Mode like Boss Rush. 2 min.
    – Smash Fighter Reveal. 2 min.

    This brings the total duration to 50 min. BoTW2 and MP4 are very unlikely since these will be promoted during e3 for a winter release most probably at the earliest.

      1. Happy we got a release date for NMH3. But not too happy about it’s late August windows since it makes it less likely for Bayonetta 3 to come out this year. Two big hack and slash action games can not coexist so close to each other.

      1. Yeah most announced games ended up being slated for June onwards. Not complaint though since we have Bravely Default 2, Monster Hunter Rise, Pokemon Snap to keep us busy until late June.

    1. This is far too conservative and doesn’t take in to account the fact that they often say that one game or a specific time period is the focus but then still have bigger announcements for games coming out a year later. There are also no new games in this which there obviously will be at the absolute minimum one announced. I’m all for not going overboard with what might be included but this is too safe.

  15. The Pikmin Franchise is 20 years old? Possibly a Pikmin 4?

    Maybe The Zelda franchise since it is 35?

    Or maybe throw a curve ball and annocue Tropical Freeze 2?

    Nintendo is unpredictable you never know what they going to show.

    I wonder if the Smash Character is going to be the Halo character. It would benefit Xbox more than Nintendo if he was the next reveal.

  16. 𝑵𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒐 𝑭𝒊𝒓𝒔𝒕 𝑶𝒓𝒅𝒆𝒓 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓

    We are going to get a great time.

    1. How did you suggest this? Platinum is busy with Bayonetta 3 and Next Level released LM3 not too long ago. LM4 won’t see the (dark) light until 2023 or later.

  17. As with all directs I’m hopeful, with Nintendo’s unique position in the market anything is possible, but my personal hope is:

    Games with release dates
    Xenoblade Chronicles X ultimate port or X2
    A Zelda Collection (OoT, MM, WW)
    COD Mobile port
    A Zelda Game & Watch
    Metroid Prime Trilogy Port
    Metroid Samus Returns Port
    Apex Legends Early drop
    No More Hero’s 3
    Bayonetta 3

    Metroid Prime 4

    Smash Character

    Doubt would happen but would love.
    Halo 1&2 collection
    Master Chief for Smash
    1080 Snowboarding or New SSX
    Trailer for MK9

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