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Balan Wonderworld producer talks demo feedback and day one update fix

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Balan Wonderworld producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto has taken to the official Square Enix site to talk a bit about the 3D platformer’s upcoming launch. Mr. Fujimoto says that the development team have heard fans concerns and feedback regarding the playable demo for Balan Wonderworld which is readily available on all current platforms. Mr. Fujimoto acknowledges it is too late to implement all the feedback concerns they have heard from players, but they will have a day one patch ready for the game which will address issues such as movement controls, camera movement, and rebalancing of the difficulty. Balan Wonderworld is due out on 26th March.

“Staying true to the nature of Balan Wonderworld, I would like for us to follow in the footsteps of the enigmatic maestro, Balan, and find balance within our own heart. Especially when it comes to addressing feedback that we’ve received from our demo.

There’s been a wide range of opinions and responses to the demo, and unfortunately at the current stage of development, it simply isn’t feasible to reflect every piece of feedback into the game. However, to offer you all a more balanced gameplay experience, we will be implementing a day one patch for the full game.

Specifically, this patch will adjust movement controls, camera movement, and rebalancing of the difficulty. There’s just over a week left until launch now, so I hope you all enjoy the world of Wonderworld to your heart’s content!”


10 thoughts on “Balan Wonderworld producer talks demo feedback and day one update fix”

  1. Didn’t hear too positive reception on this. Hope its not too bad, I try and support as much 3d platformers as possible. Hard to find good quality platformers anymore.

    1. Play the demo if you can- I think you’ll find many of the complaints to be well-founded. It may not change your opinion and if you still want to buy the game at launch, more power to you, but I was turned off from getting the full game within minutes of playing that demo.

      1. If it’s bad it’s bad lol I try and support platformers but I won’t support a bad game, don’t want to encourage them lol I usually look at gameplay and reviews and decide then.

  2. Well at least they are aware of the issues and are actively doing what they can to fix them. It has a lot of potential, I just hate to see it wasted.

  3. Maybe if they had release the demo earlier, or swallowed their JPN pride and delayed the game, they could have implemented the concerns (gameplay-wise).

    All least TELL us why the male character is an emo for no reason. It completely misses the point of previous characters who have fallen under that archtype. And what do you get when that happens? A parody of a character.

    Still wait for a price drop for this not-$60 game.

  4. Like I said on an earlier article, a delay or even a Day-1 patch could solve the slow gameplay and apparent instability. But shy of going back to the drawing board, nothing will save the game from the bland level design and mindless QTE minigames.

  5. Is it too late to contact the game devs about a game breaking glitch? I’ve encountered one while I was playing the demo and it seems like I’m the only one who’s experienced it.

  6. Demo was very uninteresting so i’m not holding my breath, which is a shame because we could use more 3d platformers aside from your usual Mario.

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