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Nomura: NEO The World Ends With You isn’t connected to Kingdom Hearts 3

Game Kult recently chatted with renowned game designer Tetsuya Nomura about the upcoming Neo: The World Ends With You which is due out on the Nintendo Switch this summer. The site was interested to find out whether the game ties in with Kingdom Hearts 3 in any way. Kingdom Hearts Insider points out that previously Sora and Riku interacted with the main characters from The World Ends With You in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Here’s what Mr. Nomura had to say about the upcoming game:

When asked if NEO: TWEWY will include elements from Kingdom Hearts 3, Nomura, after a brief pause for thought, tersely and firmly replies, “No, no. Absolutely not.” At the same time, his colleagues laugh. According to him, both Shibuyas are independent worlds.

The hidden ending of Kingdom Hearts III seems to open the door to a multiverse between the two franchises. Will NEO The World Ends with You continue in this direction?

Tetsuya Nomura: There is no connection between the two. The area seen in Kingdom Hearts III and the Shibuya in NEO The World Ends with You are two completely different places.

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3 thoughts on “Nomura: NEO The World Ends With You isn’t connected to Kingdom Hearts 3”

  1. Keep in mind, most of the worlds in KH are alternate takes of a IP. So even though TWEWY characters show up in KH doesn’t mean they are actually connected series. Nothing in this game will lead up to Neku meeting Sora again, but he will anyways.

    1. Especially when they made a bunch of the characters younger like Tidus and Seifer. Honestly I thought most the FF characters in the KH universe were rather pointless since they hardly had any relevance to the story, but I hope the TWEWY characters are more plot relevant when they decide to have them return.

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