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UK: sales of McDonald’s Pokémon Happy Meal toys are going to be restricted due to scalpers

By now, you have probably heard that, beginning on May 19th in the UK, McDonald’s is going to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise by selling some Pokémon Happy Meal toys. The toys are actually 25th-anniversary trading cards. This event has already happened in the United States, and the results caught McDonald’s by surprise.

The cards have been very popular, but McDonald’s didn’t anticipate them to be so popular that they kept selling out in the United States. On top of that, some Happy Meals in North America came with packs containing four cards, resulting in scalpers reselling them for hundreds of dollars. To stop that, McDonald’s is restricting sales so customers can only purchase one additional “toy” when one or more Happy Meals are purchased within the same transaction


8 thoughts on “UK: sales of McDonald’s Pokémon Happy Meal toys are going to be restricted due to scalpers”

    1. Because their scummy, like there’s no such thing as a good scalper I mean these guys are so morally corrupt, that they make bots even do their labor for them, their always doing stuff like this for a quick buck.

      1. It’s really getting obnoxious, it’s only getting worse with more and more things getting scalped, and there’s nothing they won’t buy an entire stock of only to resell it at a much higher price. I think it was maybe a year ago when I saw Dragon Quest 5 for only $50 on the DS, and now it’s hiked all the way up to $300. I bet new games would get scalped for months after release if it weren’t for digital games.

      2. Actually nvm about the whole new games and digital thing since Xenoblade 2 is being sold for $100, so I wouldn’t be surprised if new games starting getting scalped from the get go soon.

  1. I dont blame them, but they also have to look into the employees that work in these mcdonalds. At both locations near me, they ran out rather quickly, but then a few days later a ton of post started coming up with some of those McDonalds workers selling complete collections for $100’s and packs of boosters.

    1. I work at a Mcdonalds and I never stole any of the cards or sold them online. I brought a booster pack from a wal mart and left it on a table in the playground so people could have it for free.

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