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Nintendo’s Shuntaro Furukawa: “animation, in general, is something we’re looking into, & not just the Mario franchise”

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The Mario franchise celebrated its 35th anniversary last year, but that doesn’t mean that Mario’s taking a break anytime soon. In fact, Illumination and Nintendo have been hard at work on the upcoming animated Super Mario movie. The movie is still currently scheduled to premiere in 2022, but Nintendo’s already looking ahead to the future.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa talked about various topics in an interview with Fast Company. One of the topics as about the Mario movie. Furukawa confirmed that Nintendo’s pursuit of animation aren’t over yet. Not only that, but it’s not going to be limited to just Mario. Furukawa says that “animation, in general, is something that we are looking into, and not just this franchise”.


14 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Shuntaro Furukawa: “animation, in general, is something we’re looking into, & not just the Mario franchise””

  1. As long as they’re the ones doing the animation (especially the character designs).

    I do not want the Mario cast to resemble Illumination-universe characters (Despicable Me/Minions/The Grinch/Sing/secret Life of Pets)

    No one ever brings this up until we get the first trailer.

  2. I hope they do a anime series of Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem or possibly Metroid. I wanted them to do one of them in the future for there franchises. Some franchises needs a anime.

  3. I think they have the talent to do in house shorts judging by the Pikmin shorts. I’ve also wondered why they played with the idea of animation with Kid Icarus but didn’t end up doing an actual anime for it.

  4. Metroid: The Case Files of Samus Aran
    Kirby: The Motion Picture
    Tetris: Attack of the Tetrominos
    Nintendogs: Let the Dogs Out!
    Splatoon: The Squidling’s Adventure in Octoland

    Okay, my late night movie titles list is used up.

    And I really want a Metroid movie… A GOOD Metroid movie.

  5. We already had a fan made proof of concept for a Ghibli style Zelda movie. An official collaboration would be an absolute dream!

  6. While they’re at it, can they re-release a bunch of the old cartoons of their IPs? I’d love to be able to own a physical collection of the Mario Bros. 3 cartoon or the F-Zero anime, however mediocre it was (with the Japanese voices with English subs- the dub was AWFUL except for Dan Green as Dr. Stewart).

  7. Imagine a Marvel like universe with Nintendo characters each with their own movie and an “Ultimate” movie series that combines all these Nintendo characters together in a separate story of its own.

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