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Sonic Team says they have made Sonic Colors Ultimate more beginner friendly

The Sonic Team recently participated in an interview with Japanese news magazine Famitsu. The members present during the interview were Sonic Studio creative officer Takashi Iizuka and creative director Kazuyuki Hoshino. The team were asked a number of questions about the recently unveiled Sonic Colors Ultimate, which is a remake of the Wii and Nintendo 3DS title, Sonic Colors. Both Mr. Iizuka and Mr. Hoshino explained that one of the biggest changes they have made to the gameplay is to make the game more accessible to younger users. The traditional Game Over screen is gone and if you fall etc then Tails can fly in and retrieve Sonic from a perilous death, Here’s what they said:

Famitsu: What changes have been done, exactly?

Iizuka: Since the output power of consoles and televisions has gotten better since then, there’s that. But the biggest change was removing the old life system. “Game Over” as we know it, doesn’t fit with the current context for gameplay, so this time players can play it unlimitedly without worrying how many times they fail.

Famitsu: It seems the best for beginners.

Iizuka: Going even further, since it’s an action platforming game, if you fail to jump, you could fall in a bottomless pit and commit an error, but we have added the function of “Tails Save” to help the player.

As indicated by the name, if the player falls in a bottomless pit, Tails will appear and save them. We’ve added functions like these to make beginners feel more included, and that they can enjoy an action game without getting frustrated.


20 thoughts on “Sonic Team says they have made Sonic Colors Ultimate more beginner friendly”

  1. oy, here we go, they’re returning to hand-holding again. You know, last I remember, I think the game saved after each act cleared.

  2. This is what Tails has been reduced to? A lifesaving mechanic?

    sigh At least it kinda gives him a bigger role than he’s had in the last decade. Seriously, I hate how they practically bastardized his character in Forces.

    “Tails, you’ve fought Chaos before and when you did, he was BIGGER. Why are you afraid of him all of a sudden? This is like the Samus & Ridley scene from Metroid: Other M all over again.”

    1. I always found the argument that Samus wouldn’t show signs of PTSD against Ridley because she never did in the past to be an ignorant take on the manner. It’s actually entirely possible such a thing could happen. Some veterans could go through multitudes of Fire works shows without anything happening, but then it just randomly triggers something some unlucky year.

      1. I’ll have to disagree with that. Samus Aran has already kicked Ridley’s dragon ass countless times, fought Space Pirates, fought a scary phazon doppelganger, a creepy ass parasitic clone of herself, countless other space horrors, and yet all of a sudden she goes full on “Eeeeek, it’s Ridley I’m scared” in Other M? Now on the first battle and maybe the 2nd with Ridley I can see that but after that no way.

        1. To be fair to Other M (a sentence I rarely say), the PTSD scene was very short, and it’s the only time it happens. Not only that, but right after she has an episode, she immediately recomposes herself and kicks Ridley’s ass. I don’t really think Other M or Samus gains anything from a short PTSD subplot, but I really don’t think it’s as egregious as people make it out to be

  3. If it ends up being optional, it doesn’t matter, but forcing this stuff onto what was already a extremely easy game is ridiculous. The difficulty select was invented for a reason.

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  5. Oh boi these companies need to stop catering everything to children specifically. Pokemon Company is annoying enough with the difficulty constantly lowering over the years and now tails is forced to auto save from death? FFS No one wants a game that has no difficulty, risk, or game over. That’s no longer a game, it’s just a hand-holding experience. It’s no different then buying a new game and following a game guide the whole time. You’re not even playing the game at that point anymore

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