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World premiere gameplay footage and more info for Shin Megami Tensei V revealed in E3 Treehouse stream

The Nintendo Treehouse live stream treated us to a deeper look at Shin Megami Tensei V for Nintendo Switch and there were a handful of details the presenters went over in their playthrough which lasted roughly 30 minutes. Rumours of the Switch exclusive game being canceled circulated the internet not too long ago, but it’s been officially confirmed that the next installment in the acclaimed RPG series is lined up for a 12th of November release date and the pre-orders for this title will open on the 21st of June, according to the Treehouse Live presenters.

Controlling the main character – a human that’s been fused with an unknown being – the presenters showed us a dilapidated and dusty Tokyo that’s been overrun by Demons. Some are friendly, some are most certainly not and after some translated dialogue, we saw the first battle unfold. It’s a turn-based affair with the main aim being to reveal your enemy’s weaknesses to gain more moves to attack until they fall. There’s a franchise first here with being able to see enemies on the battlefield before you engage in a fight, an addition that is sure to go down well with fans of the series.

After leveling up, attention was drawn to a franchise staple: demon negotiations. Chatting with the demons has been a part of the series from day 1 and negotiating with these beings can turn otherwise random enemies into allies to bolster your chances of sweeping through more powerful enemies that lie ahead. The negotiating on the live stream didn’t go quite to plan and rinsed our Treehouse rep of money before attacking anyway – better luck next time!

The stream closed fairly quickly but we caught a glimpse of a towering rock enemy that was ultimately OP for our player on-screen. Even with the help of other demons, they didn’t stand much of a chance but it was quite the spectacle to see them getting floored all the same.

Shin Megami Tensei V is shaping up to be a pretty solid offering and is bound to go down well with fans. Although we’ve not seen a huge amount of footage, it’s promising and there’s not a lot of time to wait for the release in November.

Source: Treehouse Live

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