VIZ Media announces Pokemon Adventures: X&Y coming Spring 2022

VIZ Media has confirmed that Pokemon Adventures: X&Y will be coming here to the west next spring. The issue sees Pokemon Trainer X stirred out of hiding after a surprise attack. Pokemon Adventures: X&Y is the twelfth chapter of the Pokemon Adventures Japanese manga series and it began serialization in October 2013, and ended in November 2016.


  1. Damn it gamefreak. My Greninja is still trapped on ultra moon. I want a core series switch game where I can use it.

    1. @Minzu Tuan

      You’ll be waiting a long time for X and Y remakes. Maybe even more than 7 years.

  2. I love Pokemon X and Y , the game if you ain’t played it then give it a try. Klungo go in the kitchen and fix me pie while I kidnap Tootie Banjo say “Bye Bye.”

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