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Nintendo’s Game Boy is 32 years old today

On July 31st, 1989, North America got to experience the newest hardware from Nintendo. However, it wasn’t a home console, like the NES. It was a handheld, the Game Boy. The Game Boy became very successful, with it and the Game Boy Color eventually selling a total of 118,000,000 units.

Games that were released for the Game Boy on launch, such as Super Mario Land and especially Tetris, also sold well. In fact, there were 18,000,000 copies of Super Mario Land sold, more than Super Mario Bros. 3 did on the NES. The Game Boy remained in production after its successor, the Game Boy Advance, released. It was discontinued in 2003. A tweet relaying the news is down below.

5 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Game Boy is 32 years old today”

  1. Wow! It’s hard to believe I was 11 years old when this first released. It seems even older than that. I was never too into the Game Boy though. Mainly because of those black, gray and green graphics. And it had no backlight. It hurt my eyes. I only have maybe 7 games for it. My favorite thing was the Game Boy Camera. That’s the only game (if you call it a game) that gave me a reason to use the Game Boy. Even though the pictures looked like crap, I loved it. I didn’t have a digital camera back then. I’m not even sure if digital camera existed yet back then.

  2. I guess Super Mario Land. I never had Tetris because I got a Game Boy from a relative who didn’t want it or something? Didn’t come with Tetris. I think my first two Game Boy games were Super Mario Land and Yoshi’s Cookie.

    I still like Tetris. I like Dr Mario more, though.

  3. Pokemon and Game Boy Camera is the only time I really enjoyed Game Boy, but man that camera was the funniest things for so many years. I think I was fairly frequently using it until mobile phone cameras was the norm.

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