Video: Nintendo Minute play Minecraft for the first time

Friday has arrived, so Kit and Krysta have returned once again for another brand new episode of Nintendo Minute. In this week’s episode, the duo are taking a break from Nintendo’s titles to play some Minecraft. Believe it or not, this is the very first time that Kit and Krysta have ever played this game.

The pair said in the video description that “we’re trying out Minecraft for the first time. We know that might sound crazy to some of you but we’re sure there are a few people out there just like us who are beginners at this game. How do you think we did and let us know if you have any tips for us for next time.”. You can see Nintendo‘s official tweet about the episode, which contains the video, down below.

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  1. I’m impressed they managed to go this long without playing it. I made it as far as when it got a physical release on the Wii U. And then I bought it again for Switch.

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