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Nintendo unleashes new Metroid Dread trailer

Metroid dread header

Nintendo has provided Metroid fans with a further look at the upcoming epic, Metroid Dread. The graphically impressive trailer showcases a number of mysteries which remain unanswered and also highlights the game’s protagonist Samus Aran, who looks more deadly than ever in the first brand new 2D Metroid game in years. Metroid Dread is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 8th October along with new amiibo and the Nintendo Switch (OLED model)

11 thoughts on “Nintendo unleashes new Metroid Dread trailer”

    1. Correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t the last SA-X fuse with samus in Fusion’s ending to defeat that Omega Metroid?

  1. That did happen at the end of Fusion, which I just replayed. Though the AI that is taking to you throughout the game admits that there are several SA-X’ roaming around the ship, not just one.

    1. I’m thinking it’s possible that upon the Research Station’s destruction, there could’ve been X-Parasites on the debris & that could be what spreads it to other planets? So basically contaminated space junk I guess?

      1. Not possible. If the X Parasite could survive the vacuum of outer space, they would have been found on other planets long before the events of Fusion as they would have no doubt spread across the galaxy to propagate their kind much like Phaaze tried to do. Debris from a destroyed world would not be able to sustain life as it no longer has a life sustaining atmosphere which the X clearly need. It’s possible the Chozo that came to SR388 & killed the ones living on the planet could have unknowingly carried them offworld, though. Or maybe they even managed to find & capture a few X. Or ZDR doesn’t have the X at all & the video is faked. Point is, if the X could travel between planets without spaceships, there wouldn’t be a franchise as the X Parasite is practically an extinction level event in living, thinking form. Think of the X like John Carpenter’s The Thing. Once it can spread to densely populated areas, it’s game over. If the Chozo didn’t create the Metroid, the Chozo themselves would have eventually been assimilated, the X would have gained terrifying knowledge of technology, & would have been able to leave SR388 & spread like a plague. Samus knew this & is why she decided to wipe them out utterly & completely.

        Of course, Dread could prove me wrong.

        1. …What if the X were also a Chozo creation? One overzealous Chozo created them, and then other Chozo created the Metroids in response to that. And, what if, this Chozo responsible for the X was banished to ZDR, is the one seen in the reveal trailer, and is now using Samus as part of a revenge plot?

          1. That’d be awesome. Could explain why they wiped out the Chozo on SR388. But there was an army of Chozo that killed the SR388 Chozo. Are we looking at a Luminoth type situation where the vast majority are sealed away (unlike the Luminoth, against their will)? I guess they could have been wiped out with one lone survivor (the leader) being left alive as punishment for their transgressions on SR388. But would the enlightened Chozo be willing to commit genocide on their own kind, even if they were a threat to the universe? I guess it could be a Tallon IV scenario where the Chozo left the genocidal deed up to Samus.

    1. Heads up, there will be another trailer released next week (Aug. 27th) according to the description of this trailer. Just in case you wanna prepare to avoid spoilers or something

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