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The launch of the Nintendo Switch version of Slime Rancher was “the best sales day in its history”

You may recall that, back in the Indie World showcase that Nintendo had done earlier this month, it had been announced that Slime Rancher would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Not only that, but the Switch version of the game, called Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition, was released on the same day.

Well, not long after the big day, there was some good news. Nick Popovich, Monomi Park co-founder and CEO, as well the series game director, confirmed on Twitter that the launch of Slime Rancher on the Nintendo Switch had been “the best sales day in its history”. You can see Popovich’s tweet about the matter down below.


  1. I’m curious though, how much did it sell on the switch compared to the other platforms. And why did it take him so long lol

    i actually bought 2 digital games. On the nintendo website i though they would have gave me the code but instesa d downloaded the game to my switch. So had to get my little girl one.

    Thanks nick, this was one of our favorite games we played together.

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