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Sonic Colors Ultimate developer Blind Squirrel Games fails to credit open source game engine used for game

SEGA and Blind Squirrel Games recently released Sonic Colors Ultimate is coming under fire from early purchasers of the game, especially those who bought the game for the Nintendo Switch system. Countless bugs, glitches and even possibly epilepsy inducing screen bugs have been widely shared on social media by customers. But that’s not all as the game has been built using the free open source Godot Engine and one of the terms of using it is crediting the use of the engine. Blind Squirrel Games haven’t done so on the lengthy end game credits, which was noticed and has led to some irked contributors. Blind Squirrel Games have responded to this and have said they “this was somehow missed” but they promise to patch them into the game credits in a forthcoming patch.


5 thoughts on “Sonic Colors Ultimate developer Blind Squirrel Games fails to credit open source game engine used for game”

  1. When you think that the sonic franchise can’t go lower Sega goes one step beyond and surprises us.

    Anyone here remember how people were complaining how Nintendo “screwed” Mario’s anniversary? Sega takes the prize!

    Ok, seriously…at this point is like they don’t bother about making a good sonic game, they only care about money and now that the movie was a success they only want a piece of that multimedia bullcrap. This game is another ’06 and sonic the hedgehog genesis all over again.

    1. It’s almost as if they know their fans are pissed scared that they could file for bankruptcy (like Bubsy before them) and kill the Sonic franchise, so they don’t try hard because they know fans will buy almost anything just to keep the franchise ALIVE.

      1. The strange world...of Stranga

        Killing the franchise would be the best option for them…or licensing the franchise to Nintendo or the tax man.

        it’s funny how sega still tries to sell sonic as the icon he used to be in the 90’s.

        it’s an insult that Sega who should be grateful that Nintendo helps keeping sonic relevant with SSB series and to an extent with the Mario & sonic series gaves the nintendo switch the middle finger with this sonic color crap port and correct me if I am wrong but sonic sells better on Nintendo platforms than the others.

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