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Platinum Games says they really want to show Bayonetta 3 but it is up to Nintendo

VGC has had a chat with Bayonetta series creator Hideki Kamiya about the long-running development of Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch platform. Kamiya told the publication that they really want to show the game to the public, but he admitted it is ultimately down to the publisher Nintendo, who will presumably show it as and when they feel it’s ready to be showcased. Bayonetta 3 is a big game for Nintendo and Platinum Games and as as the years have gone by it has become more and more apparent. Bayonetta 1 & Bayonetta 2 are available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

“As much as everyone is clamouring to see it, we are really, really waiting to release it too,” he said. “Everyone who is working on the project is of course very proud of what we’re doing and wants everyone to see what we’re doing.

“As much as fans are waiting for it, we are waiting for the day when we can show it. We want everyone to cheer us on as we run to the final stretch. We want to show it too!”

Bayonetta creator, Hideki Kamiya.


14 thoughts on “Platinum Games says they really want to show Bayonetta 3 but it is up to Nintendo”

    1. Pokemon showed Arceus too soon and it hurt the image of the game. There are still people who think the Pokemon run at 2 fps because they didn’t watch the last trailer. Sometimes it’s better to wait than to disappoint people with a partially baked product.

  1. Heh, takes me back to when someone on here, can’t remember who, swore to me up and down that it wasn’t just up to Nintendo and that Platinum Games also had a say in it.
    I guess their argument aged like milk.

    1. That’s kinda true. Here’s what Bill Trinen said in June post E3 2021

      Bill Trinen: “I will even go one further and say not only does it exist, but it’s progressing well. We like to show things whenever we’re ready to show them, and certainly we like to show things when the developer’s ready to show them. So we didn’t have it at E3, but stay tuned.”

  2. Well we all know which game may be shown on the next Nintendo direct, just wish Nintendo would say something about that Metroid Prime trilogy.

    1. Eh, not really. They never went radio silent; they’ve told us countless times that development has been going well. I’d rather it be like this than have a rushed mess of a game.

      This is by far my most anticipated game, but people really just gotta be patient. Maybe they announced it too early, but at the same time, I’m just glad to know it’s on the way.

      1. Yeah I agree with you. I get that some people can’t stand patience about wanting new info on the game, but most people are curious about the game story and the gameplay. if there is going to be a Nintendo Direct for the game this month possibly, then maybe we will get our answer of the game development sooner or later.

    1. Nintendo is playing a big part in funding/publishing this game much like they did for Bayonetta 2. Platinum wouldn’t have been able to do it on their own, nor could they suddenly break the association with Nintendo to then publish it themselves. Nintendo has part ownership over Bayo 2/3 due to being the publisher of both titles, and it’s highly unlikely they’d ever give that up.

      TLDR – In this case, no, they can’t.

  3. With the new Matrix on it’s way this holiday season, they should probably hop onto that wave of excitement. People in leather doing ridiculous choreography shooting guns in stylish ways, I think could only help sales of Bayonetta.

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