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Pokemon UNITE launches on iOS and Android tomorrow

Pokémon UNITE, Pokémon’s first strategic team battle game, will launch on mobile devices tomorrow, Wednesday, September 22. The free-to-start game will be available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Check out the global launch trailer on the official Pokémon UNITE YouTube channel. Trainers can also look forward to an all-new battle pass, Galactic Ghost 094, arriving Wednesday. In this pass, space-themed items will make their debut. 

Battle pass Galactic Ghost 094 begins tomorrow
Timed with Pokémon UNITE’s mobile release, a new battle pass, Galactic Ghost 094, will begin on Wednesday, September 22. In this new battle pass, space-themed items will make their debut. Players will need to complete both daily and weekly missions to raise their battle pass level and receive rewards based on that level. Additionally, those who purchase the premium pass will have the chance to earn more rewards.

Introducing Unite squads
A new feature, Unite squads, will be added to both the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of the game tomorrow, Wednesday, September 22. Trainers can create their own squads or search for already-existing squads to join and connect with other players. By choosing squad tags that others can search for, like-minded Trainers can find each other easily.

Complete a special mission to receive the Unite license for Zeraora
Trainers who missed out on the Nintendo Switch version’s launch bonus will have a chance to get the Unite license for Zeraora through a special mission starting Wednesday, September 22. Players who already have the Unite license for Zeraora will receive Aeos coins instead.

Source: The Pokemon Company


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  2. I love trading Haunter on wonder trade when they don’t hold everstones. I teach them TM’s I like such as hex, payback, giga drain, and fire/ice/thunder punch. I hate Avery on pokemon shield. I wish Klara was on both sword and shield. I do like Bede.

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