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Nikkei: Nintendo will reduce global Switch production by 20% due to chip shortage

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Japanese news publication The Nikkei says that Nintendo has had to revise its production of the Nintendo Switch family of systems and will produce 20% less units than it originally intended due to the on-going global chip shortage caused by the pandemic. The Kyoto-based company had planned to produce and shift 30 million Switch units for the fiscal year through March, 2022, but instead it will now only produce around 24 million units. The global chip shortage has affected a large number of electronic manufacturers such Apple, Samsung as well as Sony’s highly-sought-after PlayStation 5 console and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles.


3 thoughts on “Nikkei: Nintendo will reduce global Switch production by 20% due to chip shortage”

  1. If it shifts 24mil. That would take the switch sales to 114mil ??
    Either way. This will be a great day for Nintendo to see it surpass Wii

    1. It’s okay but Not really when you take into consideration they have no handheld.(switch lite is basically that and is already included in sales). When you consider the Wii and ds combined, you’ll see it’s still not peak Nintendo in terms of sales. Not a bad thing, considering the games are at an all time high. But just saying it’s not that the sales are not that impressive when you put ds and Wii together into perspective.

      1. To be fair, their handhelds tended to sell so well partly because of the multitude of revisions and the relatively low cost of purchasing a new one (I think I had 5 different DS’s back then). The Wii was also fairly cheap at the time, but got most of its ludicrous success early on.

        The Switch on the other hand is more expensive but has still managed to sell phenomenally (and the sales are, currently, still going strong unlike the Wii’s at this point in its life cycle).

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