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Video: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl commercial

Pokemon diamond pearl switch

There are only a couple of weeks until Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl releases on the Nintendo Switch, and that usually means that Nintendo’s advertising of it is really kicking in now. In fact, it’s close enough to release that you may occasionally see commercials promoting it airing. And one of them has been revealed.

Nintendo has released a video of a commercial for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. The 30-second advertisement is called “Rediscover the Sinnoh Region”. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is slated to launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on November 19th. You can see the video down below.

2 thoughts on “Video: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl commercial”

  1. I want the street date broken so the juicy info can leak Chinese Riddler style. I hated being lost of leaf green so I got a guide book because I had no idea the post game would delay my Mewtwo capture.

  2. The Japanese one was actually more detailed. Sadly didn’t show turnback cave or stark mountain but still had 5 minutes of content instead of 31 seconds.

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