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Australian ratings board rates Atlus project named ‘Project Pen’

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The Australian Classification Board has rated a new unannounced project from Atlus and it is titled Project Pen. While there are no hints given regarding what to expect, the beloved Persona franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the next announcement from Atlus to go live in December. So it seems likely that ‘Project Pen’ will be related to the Persona series, perhaps another remaster? As always we will have to wait and see.

Project Pen is classified as “MA 15+” for mature audiences due to:

  • Strong Violence
  • Sexualised Imagery
  • In-game Purchases

The featured languages in the game are listed as English and Japanese.

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7 thoughts on “Australian ratings board rates Atlus project named ‘Project Pen’”

  1. Gaben Christ of Valvereth

    Y’all realize they ain’t known for just Persona plus it started out as a spinoff of Shin Megami Tensei or rather Megami Tensei which is the main series. I apologize for being the ackchyually guy but it had to be said. That being said, i look forward to whatever they are planning.

    1. They’re fully aware that ATLUS make games beyond Persona, but considering that the Persona series is what they’re best known for currently it only makes sense to consider the possibility this project is possibly related.
      Not to mention that it’s the series 25th anniversary this year, and so far we’ve had nothing of substance despite how much ATLUS were hyping it up last year.

        1. That’s literally what I said bud.

          I’m fully aware that they make games beyond the Persona series, like I said in the literal first line of my comment.

  2. This could be any number of things. Atlus makes and published a lot of games, at least on Nintendo platforms. Nothing stands out as this having anything to do with Persona.

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