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Digital Foundry: Grand Theft Auto 3 on Switch runs at roughly 648p docked and 480p handheld

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The talented team at the tech-focussed gaming channel Digital Foundry have taken a closer look at one of the games in the recently released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. The game they have looked over is the iconic Grand Theft Auto 3 which originally launched on the wildly successful PlayStation 2 console. The team says that the remastered game runs at a very disappointing 648p when playing on Switch in docked mode and roughly 480p handheld. The frame rate is capped at 30fps but there are noticeable dips when the action unfolds. Here’s a roundup of their findings:

  • Shift in art direction compared to the original
  • Rain effort is poorly done
  • Updated car models are a plus, but aspects of rendering the vehicle are off
  • Character models are different
  • Differences in way the environment is rendered
  • Using the original city model while replacing textures and adding in objects where appropriate, but there are issues like texture alignment
  • AI upscaling that was used can lead to things like typos in textures
  • GTA III Switch resolution is about 648p when docked
  • Around 480p in portable mode
  • No ambient occlusion on Switch
  • Missing some of the more advanced effects like reflections
  • Switch version is blurry and lacking in detail
  • GTA III Switch frame rate is capped at 30 FPS
  • Has frame pacing issues like other platforms
  • Frame rate drops a lot
  • Performance is slightly worse in portable mode
  • Traffic density and draw distance reduced on Switch
  • Shadow maps are present, along with some dynamic shadows from headlights
  • Game has a variety of bugs

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14 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Grand Theft Auto 3 on Switch runs at roughly 648p docked and 480p handheld”

  1. I’m gutted this trilogy has been poorly handled. I’ve never played a gta game and after all the hype and reviews of these particular 3 back in their day I was really looking forward to this. It’s not good enough from rockstar after the incredible things they’ve done with red dead etc.
    It’s a bit like cyberpunk, so much anticipation and then a flawed experience being delivered.
    Maybe they’ll sort it, but by the sounds of it, there’s too much that needs sorting.

    1. Different studios. Take Two made this port, not Rockstar.

      Having GTA 6 or 7 would change nothing about this situation, its a lazy choppy port made by a mobile-focused studio.

      Would it kill you to stop going on about sequels all the time? You don’t seem to have a clue how game development works and it shows.
      Commenting this for the millionth time on here isn’t going to change anything.

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