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Nintendo of America announces 2021 Cyber Deals Sale

Super Mario Odyssey logo

It’s that special time of year again, when the holiday decorations have begun appearing and shopping is in full swing. Don’t forget to treat yourself! If you’re looking to add some value-packed purchases to your gaming library this season, your moment has arrived. Nintendo’s annual Cyber Deals sale is now live!

Starting now until Nov. 30 at 11:59 p.m. PT, Nintendo is offering up to 50% off select digital versions on a hit lineup of games on the Nintendo Switch system, including Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby Star Allies, MONSTER HUNTER RISE, Persona 5 Strikers, MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order, Just Dance 2022 and BRAVELY DEFAULT II.

For the full listing of games on sale, which can be purchased and download directly from, visit

While holiday shopping is in full swing, don’t forget to pick up a few treats for yourself. No one knows your gaming taste better than you do, so it’s the perfect time of year to select new additions to your library. My Nintendo members also earn Gold Points* on qualifying digital purchases. You can then redeem your Gold Points toward the purchase of other eligible digital games, DLC and more, so you’ll be royally rewarded for your cyber haul!

Source: Nintendo of America

9 thoughts on “Nintendo of America announces 2021 Cyber Deals Sale”

  1. The first party games being price at $41.99 is a huge joke especially when gamestop is selling the same titles lower than that, they were even price around $26.99 yesterday until they got relisted at a different price but it’s still cheaper compared to what Nintendo is doing.

  2. So is Nintendo working on a new 3D Mario or what? Or will they be like Metroid and wait 19 years to get started on it? Obviously they didnt start on nothing because 3D Mario World ported from Wii U to Switch. They need to work on Bowser’s Furry 2 and stop sleeping on it. I’m not trying to wait until 2035 for Bowser’s Furry 2.

    And is Astro Chain 2 in the works or what? I ask because look how long Bayonetta 3 is taking. Had they worked on Bayonetta 3 immediately after Bayonetta 2 was done we’d be waiting on Bayonetta 4 by now.

    Why developers dont do work for years after a master piece is finished is a mystery to me.

  3. I hope Pokemon Acerous 2 is being worked on after they finish the 1st one. The only game I see was worked on immediately after the 1st one was done was BOW2.
    Which proves they can work on games the moment the 1st one is done If they want to.

    I been waiting for Tropical Freeze 2 for nearly 10 years now.

    1. Okay, you have to be trolling now.
      We have no idea whether Legends: Arceus is even going to be successful or not yet, so why are you already talking about a sequel?

      You keep going on and on about sequels and how companies need to keep shoveling them out faster and faster.
      Like, do you not have long to live or something? Chill out.

  4. Who says they don’t start work immediately after? Just because they aren’t working on YOUR favorite games, doesn’t mean they aren’t working. With so many IPs under their belt, it’s impossible for them to work on a new game immediately afterwords for the same franchise, lest they neglect giving love to other IPs. The only exception being their major IPs like Mario, and Legend of Zelda. There’s not a chance Mario or Zelda will ever get the same wait time as Bayo, or Animal Crossing, or any other “lesser” IPs, so I wouldn’t worry too much :)

  5. They can start development for games or a sequel just after release. WWE games they pick the roaster the very next day after the current one releases. Same with arenas, that’s why by the time it actually releases the roaster and current champions are outdated even tho the game is new. They pick the roaster a year in advance, because they need permission to use copyrighted moves, and/or music. If a wrestling leaves the federation they have to remove them from the game.

    When WWE2K14 released Cm Punk had a class action lawsuit against THQ/Yukes and the WWE over royalty payments for his involvement in the game.

    I’d say certain Ip’s are a higher priority and development starts soon after releasing the current game. With Pokemon being the most profitable Ip, i wouldn’t be surprised if Pokemon Legend Arceus 2 is in development.

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