Customs officials have seized 7.6 tons Of fake Pokémon cards that were heading to Europe

Pokemon cards have been a thing for more than 20 years, and one thing that has not changed at all has been the sheer lengths that some people have done to obtain them. Sometimes, this can even involve making fake counterfeit Pokemon cards. This, combined with Pokemon card popularity levels that have been higher than usual lately, means that the counterfeit Pokemon card market is, unfortunately, also making profits.

The latest example of this comes from Yicai, a Chinese state-affiliated media outlet. They’re reporting that custom officials at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport have seized 20 boxes of counterfeit Pokemon cards that weigh, in total, 7.6 tons. It is being reported that the cards were heading for the Netherlands, located in Europe. The cards were being sent by a company from Qingdao, a major city located in the eastern part of the Shandong Province. You can see the tweet reporting the news down below.


  1. They should shut down the company that tried to import the cards. Or else they’ll just try again. I bet those cards only cost them a few grands with possible profit of millions.

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