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US: Target says it will stop selling Pokemon cards in stores from tomorrow

North American retail chain Target has announced that they are halting the sales of Pokemon cards on Friday at their retail units. The move comes as demand for the cards has skyrocketed during the pandemic leading to chaotic and sometimes violent events. The retailer cities “an abundance of caution” as their reason for not selling the cards at their stores. You can still purchase Pokemon cards on the Target website. The Pokemon Company previously released a statement back in February saying that it is “aware that some fans are experiencing difficulties purchasing certain Pokémon trading card products due to a very high demand and global shipping constraints impacting g availability.” Good luck if you are trying to get yours!


6 thoughts on “US: Target says it will stop selling Pokemon cards in stores from tomorrow”

      1. I don’t see my fellow mexicans beating eachother or harassing employees to get cardboard for kids…

      2. @moon I’m willing to bet you haven’t even been to the store to buy Pokemon cards or check on their situation. I’ve actually been to card sections at my stores and I’ve also haven’t seen anybody literally fight over them either, so by your logic that means nobody in the US has actually caused any issues. Just because you don’t catch it in person doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Scalping has become a problem world wide. Pokemon cards was hit hard because they have a cheap starting investment of just a couple dollars. It’s not like with electronics where they are a few hundred bucks each.

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