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Twitch viewership grew 45% in 2021

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Employees at Amazon and Twitch have been celebrating this past week as news has emerged that viewership on the popular streaming service has grown 45 percent year over year. 2021 saw Twitch viewers watch 24 billion hours of video on the service, which is 45 percent higher than 2020.

Facebook Gaming has also seen an increase in viewers watching video game streams as viewership on the platform has grown 47% year-over-year as it reached 5.3 billion hours, which just goes to show how much of a formidable force Facebook is, despite the platforms continued controversies.

The most watched games on Twitch in 2021 was Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V ( 2.1 billion hours) and it was followed by the massive MOBA, League of Legends (1.8 billion hours) and in third was the popular battle royale game Fortnite from Epic Games with (1 billion hours). It will be interesting to see whether these titles continue to be the most watched games in 2022.


3 thoughts on “Twitch viewership grew 45% in 2021”

  1. What an incredible article! It is truly astounding and speaks volumes about the platform’s increasing popularity and influence. It’s heartening to see how the gaming community has expanded, creating a vibrant and diverse space for content creators and viewers alike. This remarkable surge in viewership signifies not only the engaging content on Twitch but also the powerful sense of community that connects gamers from all walks of life. Here’s to even more growth and success for Twitch in the coming years! 🎮🌟

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