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Nintendo acknowledges Kirby’s 30th anniversary and says to look for forward to it

With the release of the fantastic new trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which has been given a release date of 25th March, the official Kirby account has reminded fans that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the adorable character and has asked fans to “look forward to a variety of Kirby 30 activities coming soon.” As of today you can get a free wallpaper for the 30th anniversary of Kirby right here.

8 thoughts on “Nintendo acknowledges Kirby’s 30th anniversary and says to look for forward to it”

  1. It’d be cool if they did a follow up to Kirby’s Dream Collection on the Wii to celebrate this, I remember really enjoying that game.
    Though I kinda doubt they will considering how much they’re trying to push NSO memberships with their emulation services.

    1. Most of NES SNES games are already on the switch all I could see them doing is adding Kirby 64 to online and that’s already apart of the switch lineup they probably have side games/spinoffs plan for anniversary, now that I think about it Kirby doesn’t really offer too much when it comes to spinoffs and we already got clash and fighters on the switch maybe we might get full rpg Kirby game or another barrel royale who knows.

      1. You know maybe we might get another Kirby racing game. I mean, kirby air ride was one of the best games on Nintendo GameCube and Hal laboratory haven’t thought of a sequel to the game yet but it would be nice if he gets another racing game in his franchise.

        Sonic, Mario and Crash has racing games in their franchise why can kirby have another one.

  2. It feels like only last year I picked up the Kirby 20th Anniversary for Wii.

    It also feels like only last year I traded it back since I found it kinda underwhelming. Let’s see if this one’s any better.

    …I wish F-Zero got this kind of treatment.

  3. Love the acknowledgement and the artwork. This is honestly more wholesome then what most gaming franchies gets on their anniversaries nowadays.

  4. Oh boy, I hope we get a Kirby Game & Watch! I am loving those little things.
    I wonder what G&W classic game they will use

  5. Btw, I just remembered this myself but technically speaking its HAL and not Nintendo that is celebrating Kirby here. HAL is very into celebrating it’s history and often referencing it’s previous works.

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