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No Man’s Sky announced for Switch

no mans sky

No Man’s Sky from developer and publisher Hello Games was announced for Switch in the latest Nintendo Direct, and since the controversial-at-launch survival exploration game was initially released in 2016, this version will include over five years worth of updates. No Man’s Sky is coming to Nintendo Switch in Summer 2022, and you can check out gameplay of the unexpected port in the trailer below.

4 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky announced for Switch”

  1. Very unexpected. I was hunting down any fine print about this being a cloud version or something, but nope. Seems to be an actual honest native port, and it looks wildly impressive for the Switch

  2. 5 years worth of updates, wonder what the download size is. Purchased No Mans sky on PonyStation, and never played it. Maybe i’ll have some incentive now with The Switch port this summer to explore No Mans Sky and it’s 50 quatrillion planets and 2 texture packs.

  3. This is super unexpected, if you haven’t played it. The game is amazing. It’s so atmospheric it’s ridiculous. They have made so many amazing updates. Riding my giant beetle pet around the planet.

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