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North America: Nintendo launches the My Nintendo Store

If you head to starting today in the U.S. and Canada, you might notice a new tab at the top! This is the My Nintendo Store, a new online shopping destination where you can shop for all your favorite physical and digital games, hardware, merchandise, exclusive products and more.

The My Nintendo Store features exclusive products and officially licensed merchandise from Nintendo and its partners, with orders $50 and over (not including tax) coming with free standard shipping. Digital versions of games can also be purchased at the store and downloaded directly to your Nintendo Switch system.

Digital game purchases in the My Nintendo Store are tied to your Nintendo Account, so members of the free My Nintendo rewards program will automatically earn 5% in My Nintendo Gold Points* on eligible digital purchases. Those points can then be used toward future eligible digital games or DLC, making the process to redeem My Nintendo Gold points even more convenient.

The My Nintendo Store is a great place to easily browse a wide assortment of Nintendo products like the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model system and the upcoming Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Nintendo Switch Sports games, or exclusive My Nintendo rewards like the new Nintendo Switch Game Card Case, with everything tied to your Nintendo Account to help you earn rewards and savings!

Source: Nintendo of America

14 thoughts on “North America: Nintendo launches the My Nintendo Store”

  1. Finally I been waiting for this considering where I live getting actual official decent Nintendo merchandise is like finding a needle in a haystack, plus I never got the chance to go to the ny store despite visiting new york 4 times.

  2. Think i heard of something similar, this little place. I don’t know maybe you heard about. It’s called “Gamestop” They sell Nintendo merchandise and have a website for pro members. Where you can exchange points for gaming merchandise and content. They have a partnership with who also sells gaming merchandise. You can exchange points for on either website.
    Basically, the only difference is My Nintendo Rewards is free and a Gamestop pro membership is $15. But you also get a 1 year subscription to GameInformer.

    1. Nice try but gamestop prices our outrages, and I’m not spending $15 a year for a membership I will barely use not to mention where I live majority of gamestop empolyees have been racist too me and yes I been to every one of them, their are 3 in my location and majority of the merch is either anime or sony merchandises

  3. Gamestop employees always been respectful and more then helpful, from my experience anyhow. Yeah, the sell anime. Just assuming a large portion of gamers aree otakus. Just depends on the location i guesa, but personal experience with Gamestop hasn’t been all that bad. Maybe not everything they say is 100% accurate, or on point. But they sell a variety of merchandise besides Sony. Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, Funko Pop, clothing, action figures etc

    Besides that, like any store they have a website for reviews and this thing called the Better Business Bearue.

    1. I been to one gamestop out of state and it was alright, other than that majority of the merchandise gamestop has doesn’t appeal to my taste not to mention I already mention that their prices our outrageous (especially where I live), I can buy a game from target and walmart for cheap compared to gamestop. I’m so glad you had an helpful experince at gamestop but next time try not to sound like a sarcastic smart alec and read the room huh 🙂.

  4. Hey I just wanted to point out that the article makes it sound like this is something completely new, but it really isn’t. The Nintendo Online Store has just been reorganized on the Nintendo Official Site and rebranded as the My Nintendo Store, which is what it’s called in Japan (really cool stuff in the Japanese store). Besides the interface, the major thing that sticks out as different is that the digital catalog has been brought over from the general website. Your Nintendo account has always been tied to this. Speaking of the interface, all selections under the Games tab all go to the My Nintendo Store. There are no cascading tabs in the online store now and everything has to be clicked. Plus, you now keep scrolling until you choose to load more results instead of clicking to the next page or increasing the items per page. Another big feature is that you now buy the physical rewards directly from the store. Your points will be taken from your account upon purchase. In fact, now in My Nintendo, clicking on My Nintendo Store rewards takes you directly to the store. Also, your wish list now includes all physical and digital items together. This includes everything you added to your wish list on the eShop. As far as I can tell, there is no way to separate them, and if you had physical items on the list prior to this change, they will not be there now.

    1. I already know that ani, thanks for explaining it though I’m just happy they updated it because the site wouldn’t allow me to buy phyiscal goods from NY store unless I did it through the my nintendo (I know it sounds like a weird stupid glitch but it was hindering me from getting stuff, thanks to the update the glitch was fix)

  5. My post wasn’t directed at anyone specific just speaking in general. Just saying it sounded similar to GameStop.

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