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E3 2022 has been canceled

e3 2022

News has emerged this evening that the annual E3 event has been cancelled this year and that’s both the physical event and also the digital event. It shouldn’t come as much of a loss as the major gaming companies generally hold their own digital event and that’s unlikely to change this year. E3 will be back in 2023 and the organisers are apparently planning for a big comeback. It’s unclear if Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will hold their own annual events in June this year or if they plan to spread out over the summer period.

“According to sources speaking to IGN at the time, discussions around E3 had been fraught throughout the year, with third parties normally involved finding the ESA’s ongoing silence regarding their plans frustrating.

 discussions about a possible digital equivalent have been ongoing ever since, but without strong momentum to drive them. Instead, the ESA seems to be making plans to regroup for a larger comeback in 2023.”


34 thoughts on “E3 2022 has been canceled”

  1. This honestly isn’t that big of a deal. Most big games have already been revealed, and the big companies have their own avenues for revealing games and news outside of E3. I’ll miss the presence of the show for sure, but there hasn’t really been a good showing overall in a few years

      1. Oh yeah for sure. I feel like Nintendo must have known that the Direct format was a perfect way to deal with this new age of news where anything can become a hindrance. Directs can easily be put out in any situation as long as they are set up in time

      2. I don’t know why people are worried that Nintendo ain’t gonna make a Direct around E3 when they’ve always have been making one.

  2. I am filled with SO MUCH RAGE RIGHT NOW!!!
    Why was this week filled with news that was there just to piss me off!?
    Whoever decided to do this, I officially hate them!

    1. This was one of the inevitable things honestly. If you’ve been watching how things have been unfolding for E3 this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Still sucks, I know, but we’ve got plenty to look forward to still

    2. +KyProRen
      Chillax bro, this year already has plenty of goodness to look forward to, take the rough with the smooth.

    3. It’s been a shitty week for me as well, with TailsTube making the sonic franchise harder to look at.

      Hell, it’s been a shitty month between that, my job at Target, the season finale of Miraculous Season 4 (which sucked in general), revisiting The Emperor’s New School (only to hate it), and several assholes on reddit.

  3. I was surprise that E-3 is being cancelled. Again. But, this is really not that big of a deal honestly. I know some big games have already been revealed by their respective companies like Nintendo, SEGA or Sony, but I know they are going to reveal something else big afterwards. I’m still gonna miss the presence of the show in person and digital for sure. Things just weirder and weirder right now for the ongoing situation.

  4. I don’t really see how they can make a big comeback. Every major company already has their own digital platforms to show off their games. In-person & digital E3 is pretty redundant at this point.

      1. For Bandai-Namco, unless its Tales (cause of the Tales Fest) everything they have usually gets announced at a Sony/Ms/Nintendo conference. as for Playtonic, well they only ever developed 2 YL games, and the ones that they published have been shown off at indie events. So no biggie with those 2.

    1. Here’s the thing about Nintendo: Don’t trust them.

      The Japanese salarymen are perfectly content with doing whatever they want. From the expansion pass price, to canceling tournaments, to canceling livestreams, to DEXIT, to not reversing DEXIT (get ready for some cut Galar Pokemon in PokeSpain), to the bizarro direction of the Illumination Mario movie (featuring Chris Pratt as not-Italian Mario), to shutting down both the Wii U and 3DS eShops.

    1. There was already talk about e3 becoming more and more unrelevant, due to game companies adapting to having a direct style prensentation, I honestly believes it also saves them from embrassing themselves when doing those skits, kinda the main reason I find the game awards hard to watch and the fact that geoff is a very generic and annoying game host, I’m just glad I don’t have to hear “insert multi-billion game company” won e3 its so annoying.

  5. This news makes zero difference to people like me who never attended a single E3 anyway. All I ever watch is Nintendo’s E3 Direct.

  6. The best thing about E3 was Nintendo’s presence there. They’ve had some interesting presentations and, recently, their Directs, but they’ve also had overwhelming showroom floors, plenty of post Direct content with Nintendo Treehouse Live, and even tournaments. I also believe E3 is a great opportunity for Nintendo to make real connections with the fans watching and developers present, and partake in a few interviews.

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