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UK: Xbox Series consoles were the best-sellers in March 2022, followed by Switch and PS5

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The best-selling consoles for the month of March have been announced and it was Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles which took the top spot this month after more stock arrived on store shelves. The new systems were followed by the popular Nintendo Switch family of systems and Sony’s PlayStation 5 console. It’s great to see all three platforms performing extremely well, especially in the biggest gaming market in Europe.

6 thoughts on “UK: Xbox Series consoles were the best-sellers in March 2022, followed by Switch and PS5”

  1. There’s no doubt the stock situation for Series X is improving. There are a couple of places online right now that have them available. PS5 not so much. I do also think Series X is the better offering of the two consoles, so glad to see it’s doing well – the game pass is a really good deal giving you a big library out of the box for a reasonable price, and the backwards compatibility all the way to original Xbox is amazing too. The PS5 has better exclusives, but building a library on that thing is just much more expensive.

    1. I’d actually say its more expensive building a library on Nintendo’s console. Plus purchasing a PS5 you get access to the PS Plus collection which has some incredible titles.

      1. You’d think Sony’s digital only system would be doing better, too. Sony moving to California is starting to show in not just how they cater to “woke” stupidity but also fail to have better stock, too. (I put woke in quotations because those people aren’t woke, they’re just stupid. Lol)

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