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Bandai Namco possibly remaster/remaking 3D action game for Nintendo

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Nintendo and Bandai Namco have had a close friendship for quite a few years now. In fact, the two companies are on such good terms with each other that Bandai Namco contributed to the development of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and New Pokemon Snap.

Well, it seems that a third game may be added to that list soon. It has been discovered on ResetEra that 3 job listings have been found on Bandai Namco’s website. A couple of the listings are asking for a planner and visual artist for a 3D action game project contracted by Nintendo.

The third listing, which asks for some that can do HD remastering of 3D backgrounds, mentions that the game is a remaster/remake. As for any further information about what this game is, that is all that was mentioned for the time being.


7 thoughts on “Bandai Namco possibly remaster/remaking 3D action game for Nintendo”

  1. “3D backgrounds” sounds to me like a 2.5D sidescroller. Samus Returns, perhaps? I’d love to see that. It was a shame it released on the 3DS when everyone was moving to the Switch. I’m sure lots of people skipped it for that reason. The game is pretty good and deserves to sell more. Plus, it would be a lot less uncomfortable to actually play with a real controller (the 3DS is not nice to my poor hands).

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