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Live A Live remake team all went “over and above our expectations”

live a live remake on Nintendo Switch

Live A Live remake director, Takashi Tokita, has spoken to Japanese gaming publication Famitsu about the team’s work recreating the classic RPG. He revealed that not only has the remake taken the development team three years to create, the team themselves have ultimately created something that was “over and above our expectations.” Mr. Tokita reiterated that there was a lot of love and passion for the game in the development team, which has subsequently resulted in the final project being something that they are all proud of. Live A Live is due out exclusively on Nintendo Switch on 22nd July.

“To top that off, this was in the middle of the pandemic. COVID-19 was in full swing as we were entering the pre-production and production stages. Being in the middle of a pandemic meant it took us some time to finish off the project.”

“The staff in charge of pixel art loved Live A Live so much they drew twice as many movements as we had expected. Even during the development period, everyone had 1.5 times the passion and momentum. We were able to develop passionately until the end and it ended up as something over and above our expectations.”


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  1. Okay great, now use that remake engine and go above and beyond expectations with a Xenogears remake.

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