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Pokemon Home undergoing maintenance tomorrow for Version 2.0.0

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Pokemon Home is due to undergo maintenance tomorrow and that means that the application will be offline for a short period. The maintenance kicks off at 5pm PT / 1am UK time May 18 and is expected to last about six hours. Once the planned maintenance and update is complete, user logins will be staggered to reduce server strain. Version 2.0 of Pokemon Home will add connectivity to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


8 thoughts on “Pokemon Home undergoing maintenance tomorrow for Version 2.0.0”

    1. The site probably derped out and you probably need to clear the cookies from both the cache and case, you definitely don’t want chocolate chip cookies building up in your computer, do you?

  1. I can finaly compleet my dexs from pokemon shilling Pearl and legends arceus just some shinys i want there i have on my other games now waiting to get start home

  2. We hate Avery on Pokemon shield so we will stab the fictional character with a kitchen knife.

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