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Minecraft now has Angry Birds DLC

Minecraft and Angry Birds

Angry Birds creators, Rovio Entertainment, has teamed up with Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, to introduce a new downloadable Minecraft adventure world which features the famous smartphone gaming icons, Angry Birds. You can purchase the Angry Birds DLC from the Minecraft Marketplace and you will get both Angry Birds game modes plus Angry Birds character skins. This isn’t the first time that Minecraft has collaborated with other franchises as we’ve had the Sonic the Hedgehog DLC and Street Fighter costumes. You can check out the colourful trailer for the new Minecraft DLC down below.

“Developed by Oreville Studios, the DLC features two birdtastic game modes: Classic Mode lets players fling birds from a giant slingshot to take down teetering piggy towers, just like in the original Angry Birds games – only now in the beloved blocky style of Minecraft. Mission Mode, presents the player with four unique environments to explore, challenging players to rescue the members of the Angry Birds flock including Chuck, Bomb, Stella, and more. Once unlocked, the birds are available as playable characters with their own special abilities to be used against the flock’s arch nemeses, the green piggies. Players can also find golden eggs which contain adorable Hatchling friends. With a total of six playable Angry Birds characters, ten character skins, and one Angry Birds Character Creator item, Angry Birds fans will have plenty of opportunities to rep their favorite characters while exploring and building in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.


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  1. Question for any experienced Minecraft players, I’ve got Minecraft as physical and digital but with the digital version i can’t switch between Java and Bedrock. I can switch between the 2 on the physical version tho, it has an option that allows you to change between the older and newer game modes.
    I’d rather play Minecraft Java, but it doesn’t give the option of switching between Java and bedrock edition on the main menu for the digital version. Is their some other way of changing from bedrock to Java edition on the digital version of Minecraft?

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