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Blizzard hosting Overwatch 2 event on 16th June

overwatch 2

The team at Activision Blizzard has shared this evening that they have a special event planned for 16th June which will lift the lid on Overwatch 2 and the team plans for the game which is due 2023. If you use Twitch then you may have seen that the first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta has wrapped up. Overwatch 2 appears to be a free expansion for those of you who own the original Overwatch. The Player Vs Player content will be free but the Player Vs Environment content will be additional paid content.


2 thoughts on “Blizzard hosting Overwatch 2 event on 16th June”

  1. I was able to get into the closed beta that ran for the past two weeks or so.

    …Aside from changing up some of the Tanks (Orisa is REALLY fun to play now compared to the first game), it’s literally the same game just with one less player per team.

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