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Capcom reveals their best-selling games of all-time (May 2022)

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Established Japanese video game studio and publisher Capcom has updated its best-selling video games list. Platinum Titles are games which have sold over one million units and Capcom obviously has quite a few of those. Their most popular game to date is Monster Hunter World which released on multiple platforms in 2018. Monster Hunter World has shifted an impressive 18 million units. Their second best-selling games series in the Resident Evil series and it is Resident Evil 7 which has proved to be the most popular with consumers. The first person Resident Evil 7 has sold over ten million units to date. Here’s the top ten best-selling Capcom games of all-time.

1Jan 2018Monster Hunter: WorldPS4, Xbox One, PC, DL18.00※
2Jan 2017RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazardPS4, Xbox One, PC, DL10.80
3Jan 2019Resident Evil 2PS4, Xbox One, PC, DL9.60
4Sep 2019Monster Hunter World: IcebornePS4, Xbox One, PC, DL9.20
5Mar 2021Monster Hunter RiseNSW, PC, DL9.00
6Mar 2009Resident Evil 5PS3, Xbox 360, DL8.20
7Oct 2012Resident Evil 6PS3, Xbox 360, DL8.20
8Jun 1992Street Fighter IISNES6.30
9Feb 2016Street Fighter VPS4、PC、DL6.20
10May 2021Resident Evil VillagePS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX, PC, DL6.10

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14 thoughts on “Capcom reveals their best-selling games of all-time (May 2022)”

  1. Resident Evil village was decent, wasn’t a fan of Mercenary mode and always hate how they force players into doing speed runs. Completing the campaign within 3 hours wasn’t even fun, it was nerve racking trying to save scum so you can save a few seconds. The campaign was decent, but doing a speed run took the fun out of it for myself anyhow.

      1. I actually completed the speed run within 3 hours using a maxed out STAKE magnum with infinite ammo as my primary weapon. Just saying doing a speed run wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.
        Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen also requires that you do a speed run, only difference is it doesn’t require that you complete the campaign within a certain timeframe. However if you die even once you have to start all over. Not sure why Capcom is big on doing speed runs, but it’s a thing.

    1. Did the main campaign take 3 hours? Or is this a specific mode? If main campaign is 3 hours for a full priced games I would cut a b—

  2. Kind of wild when you put these numbers in perspective with what Nintendo games are selling like this gen.
    Nintendo has published 14 Switch games that sold over 10M and 6 of those would top this list.

    That’s not a dig at Capcom, just wild how well N is doing.

    1. Nintendo has always had solid numbers. The increase is naturally incremental compared to the 3DS. Capcom on the other hard blew up thanks for newfound love for MonHun and RE games. Incredible how they risen from the ashes after a few dry years early last decade.

  3. I’ll bet that Village would’ve ranked better if it hadn’t come out for a next-gen console during a shortage/supply chain issue.

    Also, genuinely surprised that Resi 4 isn’t on the list, given how much people adore it and how many times it’s been made available on newer consoles!

    1. You are right, maybe they don’t combine all resident evil 4 releases or capcom considers it free backlog money so they don’t care how much it sells every rerelease

  4. Resident Evil village campaign isn’t 3 hours, it was a requirement completing the campaign within 3 hours. I’ve already finished the campaign 6 times, so doing a speed run was fairly easy knowing every objective hidden paths etc But no, the campaign doing a blind playthrough my 1st time was far more then 3 hours.
    Doing a speed run within 3 hours is almost impossible without upgraded weapons with infinite ammo,it’s only 3 hours if you literally do nothing else and know the location of every objective and know every solution for every puzzle.
    The STAKE magnum you can beast anything, it’s the most powerful weapon i Resident Evil village.

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